POP Up brings you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to best manage your prolapse (and you don't even need to leave your couch!)​. 

Created by a pelvic floor physical therapist and a perinatal exercise specialist with POP, POP Up provides evidence-guided and holistic support from people who get it. 



POP up includes:

  • Over 20 modules empowering you to become an expert on your body and your greatest advocate

  • Evidence-guided information presented by a pelvic floor physical therapist and a perinatal exercise specialist with POP

  • Discussion on  physical therapy, anatomy, exercise theory and application, body image, sex, surgery, and more

  • 12 weeks of foundational strength training geared to build your confidence in returning to exercise you love (with the option to add an additional 12 weeks!)

  • Guidance on returning to running, CrossFit, yoga, pilates, HIIT, bootcamp and more

  • Expert interviews from leading professionals

  • Live, ongoing support in our private Facebook group 

  • Access anywhere with an internet connection

  • Continued ability to access the course and future versions of it

uplifting, evidence-guided support


We believe that prolapse is a manageable condition and that the right support can make all the difference.

We believe that you deserve access to high-quality information and guidance that recognizes that you are more than your pelvic floor. 

We believe in decreasing the barriers to treatment by equipping you with easy-to-digest education that can be accessed at your own pace.

We believe in your ability to adapt, to improve, and to feel strong and confident in your body.

We believe we can help.

 Are you ready to change the way you 

 manage POP? 

"I'm 11% through the program and I have to tell you that I'm so hopeful. I just learned so much. Knowledge is power and I just feel so damn empowered right now. Thank you."

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating this course. For someone who has spent hours and hours searching the internet for info about POP this is a godsend. Everyone in one place, broken down into easy to understand language and presented brilliantly. I have only made my way through 10% since purchasing a few days ago and I have already found answers to questions that I have literally been searching for for months. I can’t wait for more."

"I've learned more in a few hours of POP Up than I have in months of PT."

frequently asked questions



I'm pregnant/early postpartum/menopausal/have had surgery.

Is POP Up for me?

Absolutely! POP Up includes information that everyone with a pelvic floor can benefit from knowing and implementing. You'll learn life-long strategies that will help you navigate various chapters in your life.

I'm Already working with a physical therapist. Is pop up still beneficial?

For sure. Many of our members are working with a PT already and several physical therapists recommend POP Up in addition to their in-person sessions.

I want to get back to running/yoga/crossfit/walking with my baby. Can pop up help?

You bet! We have several modules specifically dedicated to exercise theory and instruction, exploring a variety of modalities with helpful pointers and strategy considerations.

Do I have to complete the course within a certain time frame?

No way! You're busy, we get it! Go at your own pace and know that the information is yours to access for as long as you need it.

I'm not sure if I have pop. Is pop up still a good fit?

We think so! POP Up is appropriate for anyone navigating concerns regarding pelvic health.

Do i have to complete the course in a certain order?

No! While some modules build on others, we designed the course so that you could start with the topics of greatest interest to you.

What does the 12 weeks of exercise contain?

The foundational strength program begins with basic movement patterns for beginners and gradually progressing to more challenging exercise. You'll want a resistance band and a light weight (if you desire).

Are the exercise videos individually distributed?

For the 12 week program, to maximize your ability to master the movement and make adjustments as needed, the exercises are individually organized. The add-on exercise program, Strength Circuits, is a press-and-play format.

What can I do after the 12 weeks?

Many desire to return to their activity of choice while others prefer to continue on to our subsequent exercise program, POP Up(LIFT) Strength Circuits.

I'm a provider. Is pop up for me?

We have a specific course for exercise and rehab professionals working with people with POP. You can access that by clicking here.

 Still have questions? No worries! Send us an email!