POP Up Pro

changing the way we manage pelvic organ prolapse

launching soon!

POP Up Pro invites the practitioner working with (or desiring to work with) people with POP to broaden their skillset, critically evaluate the status quo of POP management, and gain knowledge and tools that can be immediately implemented to improve the experience of your current and future clients.

We want to change the way we manage pelvic organ prolapse and we can't do it alone. Our clients deserve a team of professionals armed with an progressive, uplifting, and scientifically-supported approach.

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POP up pro includes:

  • Interactive modules on all topics related to working with people with POP

  • Applicable evidence-based information for any therapist or exercise professional looking to hone their skills

  • Dozens of interviews with renowned experts in their field

  • Critical analysis of the available research that guides our current practice of managing POP

  • A framework to guide decision-making that considers a holistic view of the person managing POP

  • Information on assessments, exercise programming, progressions back to more challenging exercise

  • Support beyond simply addressing the physical manifestation of POP

  • Working with comorbid conditions

  • Support through a secret Facebook group

  • Your business featured in our POP Up Pro directory

  • Continued ability to access the course and future versions of it